VOLUME 7 GIN can be a valuable addition to your current gin range. Don't be fooled: this is not a cheap mass-produced gin with a nice label. VOL.7 is a quality craft gin, distilled at De Moor Distillery in Aalst (check the about page for detailed info) combined with an appealing packaging and concept.

Every bottle now comes with a free mini-pencil, attached to the bottle. (If you're old enough, you'll understand why we picked a pencil as a give-away)

We can arrange for an eye-catching in-store presentation with eighties trivia.​ We have old-school cassetteplayers, toys, etc.


And how 'bout this? A genuine (new) cassette case with and old cassette and a neat dibond 2-side presentation?

Looking for info and images to complete the presentation in your webshop?

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