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volume 7 gin viewmaster 3D
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Who needs 3D if you can have VOL.7?

VOL.7 is TURBO BOOST for humans

VOLUME 7 GIN 70 cl + personalised botanical mix case

One handfinished 70 cl bottle of VOL.7 gin, 40% alc vol. + one personalised botanical mix cassette case.

Enjoy it in a classic G&T or one of our throwback cocktails.


The genuine & shiny new cassette case contains juniper berries, Jamaican pepper and coriander seeds.

You'll find our suggestion for the perfect serve on the inside of the sleeve.

We'll personalise it with a name/message for free.



  • +/- 5 gr of dried juniper berries
  • +/- 5,5 gr of Jamaican pepper
  • +/- 4 gr of coriander seeds


And don't worry, we'll chuck in the free golden and silver pencil too!

VOLUME 7 GIN 70 cl + personalised botanical mix case

  • VOLUME 7 is an artisan gin, based upon 100% barley grain and distilled with classic botanicals, of which 7 are primary in the recipe: juniper berries, Jamaica pepper, cinnamon, angelica root, nutmeg, coriander seed and clove.

    It has 40% alc vol. and is distilled in traditional copper stills. Each bottle is finished by hand.


volume 7 gin delorian flashback

Beats a Delorian for flashbacks!

volume seven gin light saber
volume 7 gin eighties aerobics

Nothing beats G&T after a work-out

May the force of VOL.7 be with you!