Shipping rates for home delivery:

- Belgium :

  • €5,95 for home delivery by mail

  • free pickup at our place (on appointment in Wetteren)

  • if you fill in an address in 9230 Wetteren, you'll also see an option for free home delivery. Or call 0479 79 96 71 and come over.

- The Netherlands : €8,95

- Germany : €9

- France & Luxemburg: €12,5

Free shipment for every order of 2 bottles or more.

Other EU countries: check the rate here.

volume 7 gin viewmaster 3D
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Who needs 3D if you can have VOL.7?

VOL.7 is TURBO BOOST for humans

BOTANICAL MIX cassette case

Serve your classic G&T with the right botanicals.

The genuine & shiny new cassette case contains juniper berries, Jamaican pepper and coriander seeds.

You'll find our suggestion for the perfect serve on the inside of the sleeve.

BOTANICAL MIX cassette case

  • Contents:

    • +/- 5 gr of dried juniper berries
    • +/- 5,5 gr of Jamaican pepper
    • +/- 4 gr of coriander seeds

    Best before : 12/'22

    If you happen to be allergic to any of the botanicals, don't use them. We love our customers and would hate to see them perish or covered in red bumps after enjoying a fine drink.

volume 7 gin delorian flashback

Beats a Delorian for flashbacks!

volume seven gin light saber
volume 7 gin eighties aerobics

Nothing beats G&T after a work-out

May the force of VOL.7 be with you!