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Well ok, summer seems over. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a crispy cool gin & tonic anymore.
And to make sure you serve it as you should, we introduce the VOLUME 7 BOTANICAL MIX.

Juniper berries, Jamaica pepper and coriander seeds in a genuine & shiny new cassette-case. With the recipe for the Baracus-cocktail on the sleeve. You'll be all set for a fabulous throwback drink...

Are you into 80s- or gin-trivia? You'll find plenty of them on our blog... 

And it gets even better: it comes free with every bottle you order in our webshop... How cool is that!


Try the Baracus. We love it when a drink comes together...


Do you recall E.T. saying "Phone... home"? Well, you're wrong.
E.T. never said that. Say what? Yep. Check it out...

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