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VOL.7 GIN is a tribute to an age when we shared our music through ghetto blasters and mixtapes instead of streaming platforms.


A homage to television heroes who triumphed over evil using talking cars, magic powers and guns built out of garden tools... without ever killing anyone.


A toast to all of those brave trendsetters, who combined leg warmers with giant shoulder pads and whose haircuts defied the very laws of gravity.

VOLUME 7 GIN... a love letter to a glorious decade... 


The eighties were always over-the-top, but never over-complicated. 

So we conceived our gin the same way: classic & elementary, yet somewhat larger-than-life. Distilled the traditional way and with only 7 botanicals taking centre stage, it honours the spirit of the times when far less choices had to be made. 


We're talking old-school small batch gin, based on 100% barley grain and crafted in traditional copper stills at a distillery run by a family that actually survived the eighties.


With each bottle filled and finished by hand, VOL.7 combines small batch craftsmanship with a considerable pinch of nostalgia. 

Be brave and try our 80s inspired cocktails